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The relationship expert will help you with all types of relationship challenges, including matters of self-love.

Sexual and romantic relationships:

* Bisexual
* Heterosexual
* Homosexual
* Asexual
* Pansexual


* Boyfriend/Girlfriend
* Confidant or confidante
* Family member
* Friend or Companion
* Life partner/Partner
* Spouse
* Mistress
* Soulmate
* Significant other
* Sexual partner
* Acquaintances, employers, co-workers, neighbors

Helping of matters of:

People skills
Communications training
Emotional intelligence
Emotional literacy
Social intelligence
Social skills

* Conflict resolution
* Human bonding
* Interpersonal communication
* Personal relationship skills
* Relationship education
* Social rejection Break up
* Wedding Separation Divorce
* Flirting
* Pick-up line
* Singles event
* Courtship
* Dating
* Internet dating
* Sexual intercourse
* Swinging

Questions and Answers
  • My ExperienceHave helped more than 15,000 successful and capable individuals from all over the world! Over the past 30+ years. has helped, actors, actresses, vocal recording artists, producers, pro sport athletes, business executives of Fortune 500 companies, attorneys, law enforcement, military, politicians, radio and television personalities and stage entertainers. Reverend of a non-denominational church, radio and television host that is well-respected and loved in the professional advice and guidance industry.
  • My EducationTrained and credentialed as a life, love and well-being coach. Dually ordained as a non-denominational Reverend and Minister. Over a decade of cultural and world religion study. Professional Associations: ✏ NAMI - National Alliance on Mental Illness ✏ AIC - Association of International Consultants ✏ Coachville ✏ International Association of Professional Life Coaches ✏ Social Enterprise Alliance ✏ Foster Family-based Treatment Association and Foster Care Network ✏ Society for Human Resource Management ✏ Metaphysical Society of America ✏ The Masonic Philosophical Society
  • My Goals/AdviceSome of the services I offer to help you come to solid solutions include, however are not limited to: * Mind, body well-being, balance, managing stress and de-stressing * Accountability and strategy during problem solving * Finding patterns that create self defeating behavior, so they do not happen again! * Optimism, practice, contrasting, mental clarity * Confidence and all matters of abundance * Personal transformation for success and life purpose * Spiritual mentoring based on your personal beliefs * Addressing matters in conflicts of belief systems, encouragement, empowerment * Emotional foundation issues * Relationship matters including: New relationships and dating / forming healthier relationships / family challenges / emotional marriage mediation / other relationship ''friendly'' (hetero/gay/bi/poly/interracial/virtual) * Self-awareness to creating permanent changes and good habits * Communication mentoring for clearly ability expressing needs, utilizing strengths for effective learning and life skill practice * Advice and guidance on how to set priorities * Parent and child mediation for healthy communication / relationship / respect / confidence building * Learning, finding and accessing gratitude and positive emotions
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